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Weight Loss-Chiro Thin

Dr. Sean worked with the inventor of our ChiroThin program and still consults on difficult weight loss cases for doctors around the nation. Why? Because no one knows nutrition like Dr. Sean knows nutrition. As a ChiroThin weight loss patient at our clinic, you’ll experience rapid, healthy weight loss without hunger or craving. Under Dr. Sean’s supervision, you’ll learn HOW to eat to lose, and our team will be there to support you every step of the way!

Digestive Disorders

Dr. Sean has a post doctoral license in digestive health. Did you know that 70% of your immune system is in the gut? Therefore, it is typically related to all chronic degenerative disease. Ignoring gut issues long term can lead to all kinds of chronic ailments. In our practice, Dr. Sean understands the importance gut health plays in the overall health of any individual.

Chronic Degenerative Disease

Have you ever had a doctor look at you after a quick examination, say “take this” and weeks later, you still feel the same? Have you seen many doctors with no relief? Our country is very successful at acute traumatic care! Dr. Sean has a post doctoral license in Internal Health, which differs greatly from Internal Medicine. We see patients every day suffering from all kinds of chronic and degenerative diseases that are fed up with traditional healthcare.

Musculoskeletal Issues

You will not find a doctor in the country that tackles pain and injury the way Dr. Sean does. With 20 years of clinical experience treating musculoskeletal issues, and 20 years searching the globe for best therapies available, Dr. Sean invented Muscle Memory Reintegration (MMR). He is the ONLY doctor in the country that practices this groundbreaking, life changing, musculoskeletal work. Patients that have sought relief for years are getting it quickly in our office, medication free. It is quick, easy, totally painless, and it will change your life!

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Meet Dr. Sean McCaffrey

My name is Dr. Sean McCaffrey, and I work with individuals whose bodies are under degenerative stress and transform them into reinvigorated, balanced and ecstatic individuals. My work with thousands of individuals over 20 years shows that by returning the body to normative, balanced states, I can help you achieve an active life and eliminate many of the issues you have faced.

I can aid you in restoring your body to balance, eliminate your internal stress, and return you to a healthy and happy life.

If you want to reverse digestive issues, chronic weight gain, joint and muscle stiffness, high blood pressure, and needing to take numerous drugs to treat your mildest symptom – we need to speak.

Call my office today at (217) 726-0151 and set up an appointment to return you to heath, happiness, and wellness.

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